Occupational Therapy Week Tip

What is bilateral coordination and why is it important for my child?

Want to know some fun ways to help your child develop their bilateral coordination?

 Our favourite ways here at Childworks are:

  • To snip through straws,
  • Build with playdough,
  • Catch a balloon whilst jumping on the mini trampoline, and
  • To write on our chalkboard easel!

Why develop bilateral coordination skills?

Good question!

Bilateral coordination is an essential skill required for a child to be able to coordinate movements whilst performing activities using both sides of the body. 

The fluid movement of both hands together to complete one activity requires integration of the brain’s left and right hemispheres.

This is so that both hands can work together at the same time. Without bilateral integration, a child may drop items. They may use principally one hand in daily activities.

They may have trouble doing up zips and buttons.

Children with poor bilateral integration may alternate between their left and right hand during tasks that require a dominant hand and a supporting hand eg when handwriting.

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