Ready Set Kindy – Learning with Friends is a programme of supports that prepares your child for school in a way that celebrates your child’s individuality and will help them to thrive in their own remarkable way. The programme is run by Childworks Occupational Therapy for Children

We do this through:
Parent Support Network: connect directly with the Occupational Therapist running the programme and with other parents on the same journey through social media platforms. Ask questions, share experiences and gain valuable insights.
Comprehensive Resources: We make it easy for you to put your hands on the information you need to help your child prepare for school.
Working with Schools: we equip you with a detailed report to share with your child’s school. It outlines adaptations and modifications that will allow them to create an inclusive environment that meets your child’s needs.
A Group Programme: our programme goes beyond the traditional school readiness programmes by addressing a range of skill development and fostering positive communication and relationships with peers.
Tailored Support: We focus on working with children who’s brains operate differently. Whether your child has a formal diagnosis or just needs a little help in one particular area Ready Set Kindy is address their individual needs.
Childworks is an Occupational Therapy practice registered as an NDIS provider. In the last 9 years, Childworks has successfully helped hundreds of children on their journey to school readiness.
Please note Ready Set Kindy – Learning with Friends includes a group programme which is limited to 8 children, so places will be limited.

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