We are happy to announce that from 3 July 2020 Childworks will be operational from Suite 3H, 4/256B New Line Rd Dural. Have a look at the map below. We will be seeing children in face-to-face treatments from that time.

Childworks has a new home and we can’t wait to see you!

It has been a number of weeks since our previous Dural clinic closed. That was a sad day but due to COVID 19 we were not able to continue seeing children in person at that time. Since then we have been doing tele health which has been a learning experience for everyone!  In some ways tele health worked better than expected but over a few months if becomes difficult to maintain the same relationship with the child using this method. Many thanks to the parents who put in so much effort into making it work.

Since the crisis has eased a little, we have been doing some very limited home visits in the last couple of weeks. It was wonderful to see children and parents in person again!

All the Childworks furniture, materials and equipment have been residing in my garage and rumpus room. They will be moved to the new location on 2 July and we will start to see children on 3 July. The second of July will be a rather busy day.

When I say we, yes, Childworks will be introducing 2 new therapists in the coming weeks. Future blogs will have more information.

I am so happy to be able to see children and families in person again and to provide the help to more children than we have been able to in the past. And I am excited about the year ahead.

If you would like more information please call Kelly on 0412 217769 or you can contact us on the contact page. https://childworks.com.au/appointment-form/.

You can also book a free 10 minute telephone consultation to talk to a therapist by clicking on this link.

Robyne from Childworks

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