Just an update on what we are doing to manage the current Corona virus pandemic.
Childworks is not currently seeing children face-to-face, however, we are able to ensure your child’s ongoing progress through a telehealth service.

What is happening now is, as we have heard many times, unprecedented. This is the most disruptive thing to happen to Australia, or the world, for a very long time. And we are doing our best to manage. Apart from any concerns we have about the virus itself, we have to worry about employment, working from home, home schooling our children, keeping our distance from everyone and how to get toilet paper! We are being asked to do many new things and taking on roles which we have never had to do before.

Teaching is a full-time, life-time career. Teachers train for years to start in the profession and then continue to develop skills on an ongoing basis. And many parents are being asked to do that full-time professional job with no training… on top of their own jobs… and there is no escape because everything now takes place in your home, which used to be your sanctuary. I get it. It’s hard.

And what happens to therapy? Of course, you want to ensure that your child continues to progress with as little disruption as possible. But how can that happen?

Some therapists are continuing to operate face-to-face. This requires full PPE and social distancing measures and is quite difficult.

Telehealth is an alternative.

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is a means of providing therapy using digital technology. So that means using video conferencing software, supplying resources directly to parents and using pre-recorded videos and images as part of therapy.

It is different to face-to-face therapy If you are imaging your child’s regular occupational Therapy session with the only difference that it is delivered over a computer screen, then you are on the wrong track. Telehealth means a different approach and in many cases it can provide additional benefits. For example, when you explain that your child always behaves a certain way when performing an activity at home and never does it at therapy, well now we can have a look at that behaviour as it occurs at home.

Parents become much more involved as part of the therapy. The therapist takes on more of a consulting and coaching role rather than delivery of direct therapy, although, depending on the needs of the child, some direct therapy may still occur.

If you are interested in knowing more, you can book a telephone appointment through this link.


Childworks will ensure that your child’s progress continues even in the current crisis.

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