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Fine Motor Activities

Here are some great ideas for fine motor activities!

I just found this video of Lauren Flores, Occupational Therapist in the US outlining some ideas for fine motor activities and has to share it with you! You might find these activities useful and fun to do with your child.

Have a look at Tinder the occupational therapy dog!

Fine Motor Activities for Handwriting

Participating in fine motor activities can help your child to improve their handwriting ability. Hand and finger weakness, poor sensation and sometimes bad habits can prevent children from mastering handwriting and other fine motor skills. These fine motor activities can help to improve the child’s skills. An occupational therapist can establish exactly which movements need improvement and what fine motor activities will help to develop that movement.

A child may also need help with gross motor skills. Good posture and a stable base are also important for handwriting. An occupational therapist can also diagnose and prescribe appropriate activities for children who need help with gross motor skills.

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