Help with Handwriting

We provide focused help with handwriting

Does your child have difficulty with handwriting?
Is their handwriting messy or do they write very slowly?
A Childworks Occupational Therapist can help.

We provide focused help with handwriting.Handwriting is still a very important part of your child’s education. Many tests including Naplan and the HSC include a component of handwriting. Because children use computers more and more in school as well as play, their ability to produce legible handwriting at a reasonable speed is severely reduced. If your child knows their work but cannot show that they know it, they cannot perform to their potential. The earlier this is addressed the better.

A 90 minute assessment can determine whether your child will benefit from Occupational Therapy. Usually treatments go for 40 minutes and you child will be reviewed regularly to ensure they are gaining the most they possibly can from therapy.