National Disability Insurance Scheme – NDIS

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with permanent and significant disability which affects their every day life. It provides reasonable and necessary support for people to reach their goals.

It can help with the provision of  therapy for children to receive therapies they need to be independent and participate fully in school and the community. This includes Occupational Therapy but could also include other therapies such as Speech Pathology, Psychological Services, behavioural therapies and educational services. The scheme can also supply equipment such as wheechairs or communication devices. It may also be able to provide respite care for carers to have much needed time to recharge the batteries.

Many state funded schemes will be rolled into the NDIS.

Support must be

  • Related to your child’s disability,
  • Value for money
  • likely to work to benefit your child
  • Based on evidence.
  • Transport for your child

Childworks works within the required parameters. Evidence based therapy is an important principal underlying therapy provided by Childworks.

You have the choice to use service providers that you prefer no matter which management of your child’s plan you choose. You can choose to manage the plan yourself, to use a local service provider to manage your child’s plan. You may use a combination of these strategies.

NDIS is still in the rollout phase and should cover all of Australia by 2019/2020.

More information on NDIS is available here  and here

Childworks is fully registered to provide NDIS services and is a trusted provider of Occupational Therapy service. Feel free to give us a call and discuss how we could help your child.